Denis Barry

Educated in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, Barry has been a teacher, engineer, draftsman, statistician, and a quality director for a glass manufacturing company. His art was first discovered in 1992 by the Copeland Fine Art Gallery of Columbus Ohio, and became a popular resident artist for the gallery until 2008, when the gallery closed due to the owner retiring.  Over 230 of his works have been sold to many private collectors and corporate offices, including Colors Inc., ABB, Nationwide, and IBM.  His love for geometry, color, and abstract images, helped to create custom tabletops, paintings on paper and canvas, wood construct sculptures, and even designs of some architectural pieces for the home.  At 75, he is now retired and living in Griffin, Georgia, where he continues his painting and wood constructs.

Since 2013, He has been working on the development of digital art using Fractal generation software.  He morphs these fractal images into expressionistic abstract .jpg files, and has won many online competitions for his digital images.   

“I have always thought that geometric objects are beautiful.  However, symmetry is too predictable and boring.  I think it is the asymmetric, when unusually balanced, that can make the line, plane, and solid unexpectedly pleasing and interesting to the eye.” 

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