With a personal passion for the “business of art”, Georgian Gallery collaborates with some of today’s most creative and unique artist in the Atlanta area and beyond.  Promising to introduce our community to new and exciting visual treats, we are constantly working with artist and art concepts to stand out as THE place for contemporary art in the South Atlanta market. Come by and visit.  You may see that perfect piece that speaks to you and no one else. Also, join us for our wine tastings and gallery openings.  Schedule and announcements will be made on several social media platforms.

Georgian Gallery Inside

Willie Schofield Art - Dis-topian Download

Willie Schofield

20 years of loving, living, laughing, hurting, healing, helping, growing, gaining, searching, rediscovering, finding and trying to figure out what I have found in ALL of that. I’ve noticed one undeniable truth:

“Creation Doesn’t Stop”

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Eric Farland Art - Planters Series 2

Eric Farland

Eric Farland was born in California in 1966 and grew up in Woodside, California. He joined the Army in 1986, served in Desert Storm and left the Army in 1993.

   He discovered his passion for wood working when he was in high school. Although he dedicated over 20 years to working in a corporate environment his journey brings him back to his passion.

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Ridge Higgins

Ridge Higgins has endured multiple combat deployments as an Infantryman in the United States Army with over seven years of service.

Ridge currently practices several types of photography to include street, landscape, architecture, and drone. He is also a skilled digital artist that creates graphics, animations, and 3D models. Painting and sculpting are budding artistic interests that he is currently pursuing.

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Alea Hurst Art

Alea Hurst

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Alea Hurst began her journey into drawing and painting in high school.
She produces two-dimensional works, particularly drawings and paintings, which range from traditional
to experimental and mixed media approaches. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and also has been featured
in multiple publications. Her current work focuses on the roles of masks and reversing those roles to comment on the evolution of society.

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Denis Barry Art

Denis Barry

Educated in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, Barry has been a teacher, engineer, draftsman, statistician, and a quality director for a glass manufacturing company. His art was first discovered in 1992 by the Copeland Fine Art Gallery of Columbus Ohio, and became a popular resident artist for the gallery until 2008, when the gallery closed due to the owner retiring.  Over 230 of his works have been sold to many private collectors and corporate offices, including Colors Inc., ABB, Nationwide, and IBM.  His love for geometry, color, and abstract images, helped to create custom tabletops, paintings on paper and canvas, wood construct sculptures, and even designs of some architectural pieces for the home.  

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