Ridge Higgins

Ridge Higgins was born in Columbus, Mississippi and grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He has endured multiple combat deployments as an Infantryman in the United States Army with over seven years of service. After the military, Ridge and his wife Savannah moved to Newton County with their two children to start a new life. He obtained a B.A. in Graphic Design and Media Art and will soon (June 2023) obtain an MBA with a concentration in marketing.
With no formal training, Ridge began practicing street photography to improve his mental health. The thrill of photography has ignited a passion that combines his love for the outdoors, people, stories, and perception of art that has spread across other mediums. Ridge currently practices several types of photography to include street, landscape, architecture, and drone. He is also a skilled digital artist that creates graphics, animations, and 3D models. Painting and sculpting are budding artistic interests that he is currently pursuing.

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